jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009


What is a mini-saga?
A mini-saga is a very short story. It is a piece of writing of 50 words, no more and no less, that tells a complete story, with a beginnig, a middle and an end. The story should have exactly 50 words including the title. Contractions count as one single word (i.e. it's = one words; it is = two words).
Mini-sagas help you to play with words. If you can write a story in only 50 words, then you will be able to write much longer stories!!

Here is an example of a mini-saga...

... and here are two more examples based on photographs!!

I usually ask my 1ºBachillerato students to write as many mini-sagas as they like.
This is the procedure to follow:
First, I suggest some photographs, they choose one and write a 50-word story about it. It is really challenging to your creativity!!
Then, the mini-sagas must be handed in to the teacher and he will give them back with some corrections.
After reading the corrections, the students try to write a better second version and hand it in to the teacher again.
Finally, if the story is acceptable, the student writes it on the blog and receives some extra marks for the writing part of their next test!!
Why don't you try one of the suggested photographs?
You can be the new consummate novelist
we're waiting for!!!

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  1. Hello I'm Alba. Jose, there are do the mini-sagas with the photo I choose? Bye

  2. Yes,Alba. You can choose any of the suggested photos and write a mini-saga about it. You can write one every two weeks (or more, if you want!!). Then, give it to me for correction and write a second version. When the second version is ok we can publish it in the blog. And you'll get extra-marks in your exams!!
    José Luis