martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Letter to my 1º Bachillerato students

Hello everybody!

I don’t know about you but whenever I begin a new school year I found my head filled with questions. Some new, some old. Questions of all types: what will my students be like? Will they be nice or rude? Will they be interested in English or not? Will they be able to understand my lessons? Will my lessons be interesting or boring? Will they learn anything at all? Being a teacher is not an easy thing...if you care about teaching, of course!

I didn’t work as a teacher first. I used to work in an advertising agency because that was what I had read at university. But I decided to be a teacher because I liked being with young people. Talking and listening to their thoughts. Trying to help them with their problems and sharing their happy moments.

I’ve always tried to make my lessons insteresting and funny but this is not always easy. Sometimes your head is full of new bright ideas but at other moments you are desperate to find something creative but it just won’t come.

I also need my students’ help. I can’t make them learn English if they don’t want to. I remember an arab proverb which says that you can take a camel to the fountain but you can’t make it drink!! I think this is absolutely certain: no mater how good a teacher is, nothing will happen if the student doesn’t work on their own (i.e. taking notes, paying attention, doing homework, revising everyday...).

Another year as an English teacher. My twenty-fourth!! That’s quite a lot! Let’s see what happens this year. Every student is different. Every day is different. Let’s hope the best!!

Your teacher.
José Luis
Fuenlabrada, 16 September, 2009

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  1. Hola Profe

    Soy Juanillo.

    Veo que ya lo has hecho hace tiempo, ya te vale, no me has dicho nada hasta hoy... Bueno, te perdonaré ¡pero que sea sólo por esta vez!

    Sigues tan pacifista como siempre, cosa que me enorgullece.

    Te deseo lo mejor, y para el blog, que tenga mucho éxito y que sirva tanto a tus alumnos como a gente de fuera, que aprendan con él. Ojalá tengas salud para desarrollar los proyectos y excursiones que tanto hemos disfrutado tus alumnos, claro está, con el apoyo de otras personas, como en nuestro caso, Ana Sales.

    Un saludo

    P.D: Nadie me puede acusar de que sea peloteo, porque ya no me puedes subir al nota =)

  2. Hi sir,
    I read ur letter , nd really I want a teacher like u, but bad luck I am not in that school where u teach, I study in barcelona I wish my teacher of English to get thinking like u got !!!!