jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009


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  1. María M 1ºC BACH.23 de febrero de 2010, 10:26

    Dear diary
    Yesterday, our teacher told us to do the homework, but today none of my classmates hadn't done it, the teacher very angry shouted at us that we were immature boys! She was furious, so my classmates shouted at her too. That seemed a lion's growls!

  2. Hello ! My name is Sergio . I´m doing my homework that I forgot to do yesterday in my house. I´m in my class while I´m doing other things . Luis is up on the table and Ángel , who sits next to me , is telling jokes...
    They are my best friends , we are popular... ( The end ! )

    Noemí Morcuende 1ºB Bachiller