jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009


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  1. Hi! MY name is bruce.
    I was paralysed by a traffic acciden while I was runninf, because of the accident they cut my legs, but I didn't give up sport. I put me on the wheelchair and I was selected for the paralympic games. In the end I did not win.

  2. Hello!! I´m James. When I was fifteen I had a car accident. I survived, but I had some sequels as you can see. Now, I am 27 years and I´ve won my first athletics tournament on wheels. Always look forward, even if you think you are living your worst nightmare.

    Silvia Carrero González 1ºBach B

  3. Hello ! My name is Raúl. I am 24 years old .
    When I was twenty I had a car accident which left me in a wheelchair.
    My life has changed a lot , but now I like sports very much , so I´m an athlete .
    I have won many medals .Encourage you to try !

    Noemí Morcuende Díaz

    1º B Bachiller